Team fights. 3 on 3, all six fighters in the cage at once. First tapout or knockout ends it. Two on one's, three on one's are LEGAL if you are on your feet, any two on one's on the ground would be penalized and result in a short fight stoppage.

This is amazing because the fight intensity will be heightened to a level we have never seen before. The math suggest these will be very short fights so you have six world class athletes bringing everything they have from the first second on. You have people being caught off guard left and right.

In case I have not mentioned it, this is a BRILLIANT idea. It won't happen because of safety concerns, liability, lawyers, blah, blah, blah but it should. This is an overdue idea because all of these fighters train as a team. They have these loyalties and affiliations already built in.

Now instead of their "team members" getting fired up and getting in criminal, extra curricular fights after a one on one fight we just stick em' all in there at once and see what comes out. PREDICTION: Pain, pure entertainment, electricity.

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