In the wake of the nasty weather we had in the Greater Danbury area last night, an accident closed two lanes near a major intersection in Newtown this morning.

According to a social media post from the Newtown Police Department, both lanes of Mt. Pleasant Road are now open.

At around the 8:00 AM Wednesday (Feb. 13), police say a tractor trailer jackknifed near the intersection of Route 25 and Route 6 and was closed for a significant amount of time. The accident was reportedly a result of the icy and dangerous conditions local drivers experience during the morning commute.

This accident occurred about 24 hours after the Newtown Police Department took to their social media outlets to warn residents that the icy conditions had already caused some accidents and that a few other local roads were closed.

Now, it appears that all is cleaned up and we can all move on with our day. But this is the perfect opportunity to remind everyone to clear snow and ice off of their cars the best they can so that we can avoid getting smashed with airborne ice missiles — yes, it's a thing.

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