There was no group hug at the end of Motley Crue's last show. In fact, Tommy Lee says he hasn't spoken to Vince Neil or Nikki Sixx since they left the stage on Dec. 31 after their last-ever performance at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

"After the final night, we had a big party backstage on New Year's Eve, and I never saw the other guys," Lee told Rolling Stone. "We never even said goodbye. F---ing strange as hell, dude. I mean, what the f---?"

It got weirder, he said. "I think f---ing Nikki unfollowed me on f--ing Twitter, like, the next day," Lee added, though he's not sure why there was such a disconnect at the end. "I really don't know. I mean, if you're getting divorced, you still give your ex a hug or flip her off or something. You either get a kiss or a slap or ... something." (Note: according to Metal Injection, Sixx actually hasn't been following Lee on Twitter for at least a year.)

UPDATE: Sixx has responded to Lee's account of the band's final after-party via Twitter, explaining that he didn't stay for the party because he doesn't drink and needed to take care of his children.

Despite their seemingly rough landing, Lee cautioned that he didn't leave Motley Crue with any ill feelings. "I'm just happy to be part of something that was so impactful on so many people's lives, musically and lifestyle-wise," he said. "That's pretty f---ing insane, and I'm really happy that we decided to end it on a high note and not really drive this thing into the ground like so many of our other musical peers have. It's just really cool and quite an honor to kind of bow out when it's still larger than life. It could have gone a different route."

Those final appearances will be showcased in the upcoming film Motley Crue: The End, which combines footage from the band's last concert dates. The movie will have a one-time screening on June 14.

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