A new study reveals that over 50% of Americans agree that just one bad night of sleep can "derail their entire week." According to SWNS, the study was conducted by One Poll for Temper-Pedic and the results are generally pretty bad news for most Americans. Some of the other standout stats include:

  • Most respondents are not going to bed until two hours after they feel they should.
  • Over 40% of those polled did not know Doctors say you should sleep in a room colder than 70 degrees.
  • 44% believe the myth that taking a nap the day after a bad nights sleep can help them catch up on their sleep.
  • Half of respondents were aware that oversleeping can be linked to decreased work productivity.
  • I'm so good at sleep that it's not even funny, no is laughing, that's how unfunny it is. I get my R.E.M. sleep, in a cold room, I sleep 6-8 hours a night and I don't fight the feeling when it is time to sleep.

However, sleeping so good has its pitfalls for me personally. My job is such that I wake up at 3:30 am and I'm at the office by 4 am. This means I have to be asleep between 7-8 pm each night to get proper sleep and there are people in my life who don't love that I do that.

I guess some people would prefer that I drag ass, am not at the top of my game or can't focus properly. That will have to remain their (Erica's) problem because I am a shell of a human being without the proper sleep.

It takes extreme mental energy to do a radio show where you make the most obvious of observations all morning. I need to see the penis jokes before my competition. When the penis story presents my head needs to be filled with 18-24 penis jokes by the time the first paragraph is over.

I'd be doing myself and the listening audience a massive disservice by not knocking out at 7 or 8 and that cannot be. I'm actually exhausted right now, gotta go.

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