Before the season started I did an article where I said this about the Yankees: They wreak of a team that will be plagued with injuries.

When I wrote that, I just had a feeling this would be a narrative this year but I never thought it would be this bad. Major bats, promising young stars, reliable veteran position players, the ace pitcher, the Yankees Injured List has it all.

We knew going into the season we would be without our prized shortstop Didi Gregorious and that was bad enough. Then they all started dropping like flies. Severino and Hicks, fresh off their contract extensions go down, Giancarlo disappears, Tulo is out, it's all bad.

The absolute worst blow has to be Miguel Andujar. A can't miss young 3rd baseman with an important and lethal bat. He's often left out of conversations involving the Yankee lineup because of guys like Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton but he should not be. He's as important a bat as the Yankees have.

His injury is listed as a torn labrum in his shoulder. The Yankees plan is to evaluate him down the line and see if it gets better through therapy and rest. If not, he'll need surgery that will likely have him out the entire season. This is as bad a loss as we could have had.

This was yesterday's lineup:

1 - Brett Gardner

2 - Aaron Judge

3 - Luke Voit

4 - Gary Sanchez

5 - Greg Bird

6 - DJ LeMahieu

7 - Gleybor Torres

8 - Clint Frazier

9 - Tyler Wade

They managed to win but they were overdue for a win and playing the Orioles so let's stay calm. Frankly, the lineup, even with so many guys missing is better than most in MLB. That's not good enough for me. This team needs health and everyone to play to their potential to win it all this year. So far, not so good.

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