It's time to start playing meaningful baseball, when that happens, worthless predictions follow. Since I'm not your average bear when it comes to playing out worthless activities I think you will enjoy mine. Let's go on a wild ride of long shots, candor and reality.

Here is what we know:

The New York Yankees 

Pros - 

  • Have the best bullpen in baseball.
  • Have an offense that eats bad pitching 1-9.
  • Have an above average starting rotation right now, even with injuries.
  • Have a very good starting rotation when healthy.
  • Happen to have a great mix of youthful ignorance and playoff experience.
  • Are extremely handsome.

Cons - 

  • They wreak of a team that will be plagued with injuries.
  • They are way too "righty."
  • They are overdependent on home runs.

The New York Mets 

Pros - 

  • They have an above average catcher in Wilson Ramos when healthy.
  • They have a 2nd baseman in Robinson Cano who knows how to hit, does not miss games and loves New York.
  • The back end of their bullpen is VERY good with Edwin Diaz closing and Jeyrus Familia setting him up.
  • They have what appears to be a star and fan favorite in Brandon Nimmo.
  • They have a shiny new toy at 1st base in Peter Alonso.
  • They have a GREAT starting rotation which features 2 aces in Degrom & Syndergaard.

Cons - 

  • They have not had one year where Degrom, Syndergaard, Matz and Wheeler were all healthy.
  • They are not deep offensively.
  • Their best hitter is 36 years old (Yep, Cano is both a positive and a negative)
  • Shortstop is a question. Amed Rosario didn't fall flat last year but didn't dazzle anyone either.
  • They are structured as a "win now" team that does not have a recent winning culture.
  • The GM, Brody Van Wagenen has been a GM for 12 mins and likes the spot light way too much.
  • The Team is owned by the Wilpons.
  • The NL East is a VERY strong division top to bottom that will be difficult to win.

Red Sox 

Pros - 

  • They have Mookie Betts, one of the most dynamic players in all of baseball.
  • They have JD Martinez.
  • They have Chris Sale.

 Cons - 

  • Championship hangovers are real.
  • Their fans are LAME-O's.
  • Their bullpen is garbage.
  • Boston Sucks.

Are you ready? I'm ready.

Predictions - 

  • Yankees win 100+, win the division.
  • Red Sox win 100+, go in as a Wild Card
  • Mets win 87, go in as a Wild Card
  • Yankees face and beat the Sox in the playoffs, fans riot and burn Boston, including Fenway to the ground. Baseball is never played in Boston again.
  • The Mets make a run in the playoffs on the strength of their starters, reach the NLCS, lose, their fans cry and no one cares. We are used to seeing their fans cry.
  • Yankees win the World Series, I celebrate by making out with my wife and Megan Fox at Six Flags.




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