Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton made his regular appearance on the Ethan and Lou show this morning (May 12,) and talked about how the City will navigate the new State guidelines when Danbury slowly reopens.

"We're not having the fireworks at the lake, we're not having the fireworks at the mall, and people are upset about that, but on a nice warm night, you can get 10,000 people at the Town Park. I just can't risk it," he said. "You have to pick you area where you can retool and recalibrate."

He announced that he is putting together a Reopen Danbury committee, along with PJ Prunty from the Greater Danbury Chamber of Commerce, and Roger Palanzo from the Economic Development office. He said that the regulations that came from the Governor's office can be difficult to navigate and the committee's goal will be to distill that information into something explainable and enforceable.  "I'm not going to let anybody get sick because we didn't do our job, but on the other hand, you've got to be rational about how these things work."

Boughton was enthusiastic about the Farmer's Markets returning to Danbury, and being moved to the Railroad Museum under the Uncle Sam statue. He also said that the city has acquired on loan the stock car that won the final race at the Danbury Racearena and, through donations, is in the process of refurbishing the vehicle. He is not sure where the car will be displayed yet, but it is yet another reminder of Danbury's great history with the Fair and the Racearena.

Boughton and the guys also discussed Murder Hornets at length. You can hear the entire interview embedded below, and listen Tuesday and Thursday mornings for the latest on Coronavirus in Danbury with Mayor Mark.

Listen to the complete interview here:

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