Martha Stewart is a DIY expert at almost everything, but apparently not such an expert at plowing her place out after a storm.

Winter Storm Niko dumped major amounts of snow on us yesterday, and at home in Katonah, NY, Martha didn’t want to wait for her plow guys to arrive. She took to the wheel of her black Ford pickup with a plow and got stuck according to a tweet Thursday afternoon.

Her tweet included of pic of herself driving the truck. Responses to her post flooded in, and the story ended up being reported nationwide.

Soon after getting stuck she told PageSix:

I have a very professional crew at the farm and my John Deere tractor 5410 pulled the Ford truck out in about 15 minutes — no problem!

She gets props from me for for at least attempting to plow herself out, but my question is, where was her homie Snoop when she need him?

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