Man Show FAQ

Q – Do I have to pay to get in?

A – Not at all! The event is free!

Q - Why would I want to attend the Man Show?
A - There will be food, entertainment, beer, thousands of dollars in giveaways and more!

Q – Can I buy things there?
A – Absolutely! There will be many vendors selling everything from Cars to Tools!

Q – Will there be food?
A – YES! Vendors will be selling everything from Chicken Wings, Pizza, Hamburgers, Hot Dogs and so much more!

Q – Will there be Beer?
A – Yes, we will have a beer at the O'Neill center and a portion of the proceeds will go to support the Grace Project.

Q – Do you have to be a certain age to come to the Man Show?
A – While we suggest that you be 18 and older to come to the Man Show by yourself, as long as anyone under 18 are accompanied by a parent, there shouldn’t be a problem. Just know that there will be people drinking around, but we try to not to have anything inappropriate at the event.

Q – Is there enough Parking?
A – There will be plenty of free parking at the O'Neill Center.

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