We say "Florida you say" all the time on the Ethan and Lou morning show. It's a subtle, sarcastic way of expressing that we are not surprised to hear bad or bizarre news from the Sunshine State. For better or worse, it's what people seem to remember most about our show. If I meet someone who is a fan of the show, they typically tell me they love our "Missed Headlines" feature or shout "Florida you say" in my face. Believe it or not, it makes my day when people do this.

I am delighted to announce that we have turned the saying into a line of I-95 apparel, available for men and women in varying sizes, cuts and materials in our "merch" store. The I-95, Ethan and Lou "Florida You Say" fashion line is officially on sale now. Regular men' and women's "T's" are $20, tank tops are $20, the tri-mesh "T's" are $25, Long sleeve's are $25 and the zip up hoodie is $40.

Prediction: This will be the best selling item Townsquare Media has ever put up for sale, in any "merch" store company wide and that's due to the brilliance of the Ethan and Lou Show. Help me in my effort to defeat, destroy conquer any/all competitors and colleagues alike, buy now.

P.S. There are moments in a persons life that stand out and will stay with them forever; the day they meet the love of their life, the birth of their children or a perfect family vacation. I have all those memories but this day just made that list, I could not be more excited right now. 

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