If you were a kid and a sports fan when I was young, you had these toys and they were the best thing since sliced bread. You could buy an action figure of your favorite NFL player. The toys were called "Starting Lineup" and I spent so much of my allowance on them. Not only did I stage full NFL games with these little guys but I had stat sheets that were still in the bag with the toys.

It's time to pass them onto my kids but not without many warnings. I explained to them that the collection I made as a kid is here today, complete with all the helmets because I made sure of it. Now it's your turn young ones, protect them in good health.

UPDATE: My daughter Vida pulled them and the baseball cards out of the closet yesterday and tried her very best to destroy the entire collection. My wife was able to stop her but Vida and I are not currently on speaking terms. 

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