Sure, its weird writing a third person headline but when you break a world record, you can do whatever you want. On Wednesday (3/17/21) we learned that there is a Guinness Book World record for the speediest consumption of a Capri Sun.

According to UPI, a 20-year-old British man named Declan Evans set the record, drinking a Capri Sun in 16.65 seconds. Evans said he was seeking a record to break while on pandemic lockdown. He learned that the Guinness Book of World Records people had set a benchmark of 18 seconds but it had yet to be attempted.

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Evans beat the benchmark and is officially the fastest person to ever drink a Capri Sun. He had this to say of his achievement: "It is a stupid record to hold, but that is the fun of the Guinness World Records."

I think it's important to make the distinction that he is only the "official" record holder, because I actually broke his record on camera, Thursday (3/18/21) with a time of :15 seconds.

No, Guinness will not recognize it my accomplishment. For that to be the case, you have to go through their "procedures". You also need an official from the organization to "judge it" and you need to fill out their "paperwork."

That is not how I do things, I just do things. You saw it, I broke the record and if you'd like to go back and time it yourself, you'll see I did it fair and square.

Today is a good day for America, we took back another title from the Brits and we are going to keep it. If you do the Capri Sun Challenge, please film it and send it to me, I'll share your video on our social media platforms. If the audio is any good, I'll also play it on the Ethan and Lou Morning Show.


Do it. Do it.

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