This guy -- Ole' Happy McGhee. Big Zen, Zennifer Anniston over here. Ethan, "Life Is a Highway" Carey rehearsing his hippie music on company time.

I thought, well, if he can play his magical mystical music on the company dime, then I can disrupt it on the clock.

I love how into it he was. I can tell you who else I upset with this stunt -- I upset the Sales Department, the Human Resources Department, Management and the Engineering Department. JIMMY CRACK CORN, AND I DON'T CARE!

The next time I come, I am coming correct. I will be sporting a bullhorn like you read about, I will have your standard New Years Eve noise makers, and maybe even some fireworks.

I love nothing more than taking a peaceful environment and turning it on its ear. If you have suggestions on how I can best disrupt the folks at the radio station, please share. I am always open to new and interesting ideas on how I can most make people uncomfortable.

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