The "Lost & Found" is an amazing American concept.

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Except, it is not an American idea, so who started it? Like with most things, the answer depends on where you look. Some say it started in Japan and others say Napolean Bonaparte himself was behind the first "lost & found."

Whatever the case, the "lost & found" has been a long-shot solution to a problem that is universal. Everyone loses things and it's a sinking, desperate feeling when you lose something you need like a wallet, phone or keys.

Lost Blue Shirt Discovered on Shore of Candlewood Lake Island in Brookfield

On the priority-list of lost items, this is somewhere at the bottom but I figured it was worth a shot. If you're missing a blue shirt with white stripes on the sleeves, it's on this island on Candlewood Lake, somewhere in Brookfield. 

While I was up there, I did clean up some garbage left behind by someone. I think we should all grab some garbage whenever we leave somewhere, even if it is not ours. We just want to make the world a better place, and sometimes that requires cleaning up a mess that is not your fault.

I'm not new to this game, so let me tell you what people will say:

1 - You should've taken the shirt.

2 - You're not supposed to be there.

3 - Who wants an I-95 shirt?

4 - My Dad was responsible for the first "lost & found."

5 - Hell yeah, I suck toes!

6 - That's not Green Island, it's _______

7 -  I smoke rocks, Joe Rogan.

That is called anticipating the beef, and bringing the noise. Here are my answers to all of those responses.

1 - Someone will, relax.

2 - Tell the other 4,000 people who go.

3 - Many people.

4 - Prove it.

5 - Proud of you.

6 - That is the whole point of the "game."

7 - Joe Rogan hates CT.

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