Tomorrow is the start of Little League for two of my guys. Louis and Chris get going tomorrow.

We have to get up at the crack of dawn, do the drive, take in the whole ceremony of the first day, the whole thing. All of those activities would be enough to make me a miserable SOB in most cases, but I am really looking forward to this.

I started showing the boys at a very young age how to throw, catch and swing a bat, and frankly, I was getting ahead of myself. I had to be patient and wait for the time to be right, and it's finally here. They asked to play, we did not push them, and away we go tomorrow.

I know they are going to remember this day for as long as they live. I remember my first Little League game, the ceremonies before, the parade we did down Main Street in Brewster from the Electrozone Field to the main field. I remember at least some of my teammates and coaches, which is amazing, because I can't remember my age most days.

This is a bigger deal than they realize, and I am seriously looking forward to it.

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