Just before our UCONN Huskies won the men's NCAA basketball championship last night, another victory was announced on social media, a new school mascot was announced for Litchfield and surrounding town's Region 20 - The Bobcat.

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According to litchfieldschools.org, Region 20 is now Home of the Bobcats. After a tournament and thousands of votes, the goal now according to the District Office is "To live up to the description of the Bobcat." Which according to National Geographic is "Bobcats may look cute and cuddly, but these felines that live throughout North America can leap as far as 12 feet to catch prey, and have been known to take down much larger animals. The wild feline is about twice as big as the average house cat, and a lot faster. It can run at speeds up to 25-30MPH, and it's skilled at swimming."

Speaking as a former Holy Cross of Waterbury Crusader, I commend you on your choice Litchfield. Looking back at your Region 20 Mascot Madness bracket, I think it's a good thing that Bobcats beat out some of the other suggestions. Can you imagine if if you had to call your team the Litchfield Capybaras, Rumble Ponies, Flying Squirrels, or Slime Dogs? Litchfield Slime Dogs? I take it back, the wrong Mascot was chosen.

The Final 4 came down to Hawks, Wolves, Mountain Lions, and the eventual winner - Bobcats. Bobcats aren't that common as a school mascot here in Connecticut, Litchfield joins Bacon Academy in Colchester, Brookfield, and South Windsor High School as Bobcats, let the merchandising begin.

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