Recently a mysterious monolith appeared in the Utah desert and then it disappeared, then a new one was discovered in Romania on Thursday (11/26/20) and now monolithic structures are the hottest thing out.

Let's put a monolith in Danbury and let's do it while monolithic structures are still viral. You might be asking, "why would we put a monolith in Danbury?" It's simple, because we can and it's fun.

This is what America is all about, doing things because we can. I'm sure there were tons of people who asked why it was important to go to the Moon and I'm sure the answers were similar to mine, it's a blast and we are able.

Now that we have the "why" squared away, we need to get down to brass tax. We will need the following:

  • A location - Ideally we would choose a location in Danbury that people can visit it and take photographs. It would be best if there was already parking available.
  • Advice from experts on what materials to use - You want a metal that won't break the bank and can survive for generations under the weight of nature and we are going to need experts to point us in the right direction.
  • Installation pros - Someone needs to put it up, are you that someone?
  • Materials - A choice metal, things to anchor it, etc.
  • Permits - We need the folks that issue permits in the City to help by getting out of the way. Just issue the permit when we apply for it.
  • Sponsors - Let's call it what it is, this will not be cheap and we need fun people with fast cash to get behind the idea and throw some cheddar at this project. If you do this, your name will be etched in the monolith.
  • The backing of City Hall - Projects are just easier with the backing of the Mayor and all the folks at City Hall. I am calling on Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton to join us in this effort and throw the full weight of the office behind it.

We put it up with Ethan and Lou etched into, the names of all the sponsors and anyone who made it's installation possible and then we wait. Going forward, we inscribe the names of folks from the area who have accomplished great things. You win an Oscar? Name goes on there, you cure gout, boom, your name is on there.

It's just like the Stanley Cup, only not a cup and specific to Danbury. Each time we add a name we have a little ceremony. This is unifying project that will bring great joy to the community and I'm willing to work my tail off to get it done, so long as my name is on it. Let's GO!!!!!!!!!

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