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Recently I was having a debate with a friend about nudists resorts. I guessed that Connecticut does not have any because I believe it doesn't quite fit our image as a state and he said there has to be a few. After a few clicks I learned I was dead wrong, there are some nudist enclaves in the state and in case you're interested, here are some details.

According to the Naturist Directory there are a few nudist resorts including:

Sun Ridge Resort - Sterling, CT

Trip Advisor
Trip Advisor

Trip Advisor reviews:

Keith said:

"First of all I read some recent reviews where they said this was a very friendly place. When my wife and I went the weekend of June 29 / 30. No sooner did we get out of our car to check in we were greeted by some of the guests with a hello. The people that were there, ( and it seems that those who were there were regulars ), were all extremely friendly. There is absolutely no pressure to undress but I can't see how anyone wouldn't be comfortable doing so. This place is no frills. Bring your own food and beverages. You have access to a private grill, full kitchen with microwave, stove, and refrigerator. The swimming pool and Jacuzzi are better then advertised. On the Saturday night we were there there was local entertainment ( DJ music ). This place is truly a very good place to go to. My wife and I will be returning before the summer is over." 
I love that Keith seems to have no problem grilling while nude. I'm going to go out on a limb and say Keith and I probably don't have a ton in common.

Happy Two 59 said:

"Always a fun time with fun people! If you’ve been thinking about giving nudism a try this is a great place to go! We always have a good time, the pool is heated. Can’t be beat on a hot sunny day. The owner is super nice."

I hadn't even thought about it but I can see that a heated pool would be a huge plus in the nudist community. To quote George Costanza: "I was in the pool!"

Naturist Directory calls Sun Ridge: "One of the most scenic nudist resorts in Connecticut is located in Sterling, CT bordering Rhode Island and only 15 miles from Massachusetts." In the bullet points they say you need a "Naturist Card." Is that a thing? You need like some form of Nudist I.D. that says you're in the club? What is the screening process for that?

Local Politicians Campaign At Nudist Colony
Getty Images - THIS GUY

Solair Family Nudist Resort - Woodtsock, CT

Solair Facebook
Solair Facebook

Trip Advisor reviews:

Beth said:

"There is so much to recommend about Solair: the lovely grounds, the immaculate pool, the lake/pond with Viking ships and float devices. The utter RELAXATION of lounging about, clothing free, and feeling utterly safe. My spouse and I have spent several afternoons there, and we also rented a cabin for one night. Bliss!"

Viking ships and genitals = "bliss."

Gotti said:

"Went yesterday for my very fist time ever. I absolutely loved it. The facilities were so perfect. I decided to go hiking and did about 5 miles and became one with nature. I ended the day relaxing in the heated pool as the temperature started to drop. I highly recommend to anyone who ever thought about going to a place like this. Don’t wait because you’ll wait forever. As soon as you do and you get undressed you’ll soon realize what you been missing in your life. The staff was amazing and the other guests as well. Everyone was extremely friendly. I’m hooked and will definitely return."

The only thing I can imagine that is worse than hiking is hiking naked.

Naturist Directory added: "Solair is a family oriented nudist resort and campground, owned and operated by its members."

Nutmeg State indeed. To each his own, I just can't see me playing ping-pong with my ding dong.

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