For those who don't know, Leslie is a radio veteran and, in my opinion, one of the best personalities in radio history. The height of her radio success was with WNEW and KROQ.

I particularly enjoyed Leslie's sense of humor. What she was doing then as a funny lady was way ahead of its time. There are probably a lot of women comedians who are popular now that should recognize they are just a bad copycat of something Leslie was doing over 20 years ago.

A few years into doing the Ethan and Lou Show, Leslie reached out to me and asked if we could help promote a project she had going. It was really cool to get to talk with her and meet someone who have a massive amount of respect for. We stayed in touch and became friends. During this past Presidential Election, Ethan and I decided we needed a political correspondent, and we called Leslie. She has been doing weekly segments with us for over a year.

Leslie has been joining us representing Fox News Radio. She was, for the last five years, on air at Fox as a fill in host. Her hope was to get a full time gig there when one opened. A full time job did open and unfortunately, she did not get it.

Because she does not want to wait around anymore, she is leaving Fox. She is also leaving radio all together.  I consider her a friend, and we will miss her segments. This was Leslie's final Ethan and Lou segment, and sounds like maybe her final radio appearance all together. Check out what she had to say about us and her radio career:

Thank you, Leslie, for helping our show. Thank you for having me down to Fox to appear on your show. Thank you for the advice over the years with my career, and most of all, thank you for having giant, delicious can. You will be missed.

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