According to the NY Post, air travelers using Laguardia Airport are complaining about the new Knightscope K5 robot that has been guarding the airport. It's equipped with four cameras, a microphone, and motion sensors. The humans patrolling the airport say the robot is supposed to deter illegal cabbies and scammers, but it's not working. People, according to the report, just walk away from it.

One female security guard told the NY Post:

It’s a pain in the ass. It keeps bothering people.

The Port Authority is footing the bill, and while no one seems to know what THEY are paying for it, other companies pay as much as $8,300 a month for the droid's services, according to Knightscope.

Most of the complaints are about the robot following people and invading their personal space. The K5 does NOT like people getting too close to it, though. People are reporting the Knightscope saying, “You are in my personal space.”

I'm torn on this one. As a kid, I so badly wanted to live to see "the future." It's here now, and I'm not really loving it. I'll be excited to see this robot once, but the novelty will be gone soon after. We are CONSTANTLY on camera, and personal privacy is dead and gone. Technology is moving faster than our considerations for its consequences.

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