I need to organize my thoughts here. I realize that this is the fault of my favorite band Metallica, I do. This is that thing where you want to stay in the Hollywood pop circuit and it's completely unnecessary. Metallica does not need Lady Gaga or anyone like her and never has.

If you want to tell me that Lady Gaga has a good voice and is a decent entertainer, fine. Good for you. I disagree but that does not matter. She is, I will admit one of the best of the pop entertainers we have. That is like saying I am the cleanest pig. Who cares? Pop music the way it is today is the worst it's ever been. With a few exceptions there is nothing but garbage out there.

Metallica does not need Lady Gaga. In fact they do nothing but upset their very loyal fans when they do things like this. It's not anything that would make me turn my back on them but c'mon guys. I have dealt with a lot of nonsense with you. The Lou Reed album, the Napster fight and even treating Jason Newsted like garbage. Don't put us through anymore of this.

The state of music is really terrible. We are being sold style over substance and many people eat it up with a spoon. No one second guesses what is available to them musically and we all should. If you think I am crazy answer this question. Would Janis Joplin get a record deal today? The answer is no. She was not classically attractive so she would not even get in the door. We would all have been deprived of some of the greatest songs of all time. So the next time a Demi Lovato song comes on the radio and you start singing along, do me a favor and punch yourself in the face. Somewhere out there, there's a Janis Joplin who can't get arrested.

P.S. whoever brought them on stage at the Grammy's did not bother introducing Metallica. Also they did not put Hetfield's mic on. Great job by the Grammy's

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