According to ABC News Adult Kindergarten classes are popping up all over NYC and it's not cheap. Class registration runs anywhere from 300 to one thousand dollars. Classes offer naps, finger painting, games etc. Some even offer an activity where adults can write down an annoyance or stress on a piece of paper and run it through a paper shredder. That is supposed to free you from that stress.


What kind of wind bag participates in this?

How out of touch with reality do you have to be?

How sensitive are you that you need this?

Who has the time?

Who has the money?


Grade A nipple heads, that's who

This is basically one of those "safe spaces" we keep hearing about. If you need this you are not equipped for the realities of Plant Earth. The fact is life is good but life is hard. Get a helmet weirdo. Don't enroll in the school for the ill equipped.

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