Up until now, there were no parks in Connecticut that were off limits to the public, but the State has now shut down Kent Falls until the COVID-19 crisis ends.

In an effort to limit the amount of people in area parks, and to keep people at a safe distance, the state announced last week that they would be patrolling the parking areas and closing parks when needed for the day.

Apparently, due to the popularity of Kent Falls, the state announced Monday that the site would now be closed permanently until the end of the public emergency.

According to newstimes.com, several parks were shut down over the past weekend when their parking area's reached capacity, but that was only for the day.

With tons of visitors daily, Kent Falls has become a favorite spot to hike since the public distancing rules went into effect, however with just too many people entering the park, Connecticut State Officials made the decision to close the falls to the public for the remainder of the pandemic.

Here's the official word from the Connecticut State Parks Twitter post:

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