According to CBS Orlando, 34-year-old Rocco Mantella was arrested late last week in the Orlando, FL area for allegedly attacking swans (Florida, you say?). Witnesses called the cops when they say they saw the man hitting two swans and a duck "as hard as possible."

Mantella was apparently practicing his karate at the time, according to police. Officers took the man into custody, charged him with aggravated animal cruelty, and a judge set his bond at $1,000. Police attempted to locate the animals to check on their well-being, but were unsuccessful.

This is expressly why Daniel-san from the Karate Kid was not allowed to practice karate until he had washed a butt-load of cars and painted a few fences. Karate is about discipline, and apparently, Rocco has none. This dude is Cobra Kai all the way. He's in it for all the wrong reasons. He deserves a "Crane Kick" to the head, if you ask me.

This does not sound like the age-old practice of karate to me, sounds more like the guy owns a Rex-Kwon Do DVD.

"We're all at the same skill level, Jerry"

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