It seems like inconveniencing privileged millennials, stiffing hundreds of day laborers and having your name attached to the biggest disaster in festival history was not enough for Ja Rule.

He told TMZ he has plans to create "The Iconic Music Festival."

Dude, you were the face of the worst event in the history of live events. It was so bad, they made two movies about it, released them days apart on rival streaming services and EVERYONE watched both.

You made this man a walking punch line.


By the way, Andy King is the FACE of dedication.

Now Ja Rule wants more? He wants to do a music festival. Getting to do a sequel to a large scale event is for people who can pull it off, not for epic failures. You don't get another one. This should not come as a surprise to any of us. The dude could not see it, he did not understand the ripple effects of what he had done after he did it.

Sure McFarland was the brains, the slime ball behind the operation but Ja Rule was once a top performer in this country. You would think he would want to separate himself from his biggest embarrassment. Maybe move on, make an album, put out a kitten calendar or host a game show. Anything is better than attaching your name to a music festival. You might wanna sit the next few plays out Ja.

To those of you who have not seen the two documentaries about the failed "Fyre Festival" they are a must watch. You don't have to be a fan of Ja Rule, you don't have to know anything about it. Both docs are riveting. Chef recommends. I'm chef.

One is on Hulu called "Fyre Fraud"

The other is called "Fyre" on Netflix

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