Did you notice the uptick in happiness over the past few weeks in Connecticut? The stream of happy faces around you? Blame the Class of 2024. June is the most inspirational time of the year here.

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High school and college graduations are happening every day through late May/June, and the fresh class of grads now stand on the brink of their leap into the adult world. What's going through their head? Think about when you walked the stage, I had school, trade, or work? running through mine.

Group Of Diverse International Students Celebrating Graduation
Robert Churchill

There are many possibilities to explore new graduates, have hope for the future. I'm celebrating your accomplishment because my wife works at a school, and she just had to say goodbye to her first batch of Seniors that she knew personally at the Frederick Gunn School in Washington, Connecticut. She was sad, but also excited to hear where the next year will be taking each of them.

My wife worked at the Hotchkiss School's graduation this past weekend and she picked up a copy of The Hotchkiss Record's May 31, 2024 paper. She also heard a quote from 2024 commencement address speaker Andre Swanston, Hotchkiss Class of 99, it was brilliant - "Give yourself patience, grace, and time to accomplish your dreams, aspirations, and goals. Rush patiently, anything that is of value, anything that is important, anything that is difficult, takes time."

As you listen to the speeches at your grad's ceremony, take in the uplifting, inspirational messages and words of wisdom. The best vacillate between a call to action and gentle reminders of the infinite potential of greatness that exists in all of us. Congratulations Class of 2024.

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