You know what the most wonderful time of the year is in Connecticut? The months where it's not warm enough for air conditioning, and not cold enough to turn the heat on. Money saving season. That's why I'm climbing up a ladder and reversing the direction of my ceiling fans today, it's time to save a few bucks.

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My electricity bills soared this year, we've really tried to cut back on energy costs. We're lucky here in Connecticut, we really do have four seasons, and few are extreme. I try to wait until June 1 to turn the air conditioning on, and try to wait until November 1 to turn the heat on. What's helped me do that is the simple tip of reversing the direction of my ceiling fans. Ceiling fans aren't just for cooling, we use them all Winter too.

I'm no ceiling fan expert, but Hunter Fan is, and according to them, your ceiling fan should be spinning in counterclockwise during the warm months in order to create a downdraft of cooling breeze. During the cold months, you should reverse your ceiling fan to spin in a clockwise direction, which creates an updraft that will circulate warm air around the room. How do you reverse the direction of your ceiling fan? Mine has a small black switch located inside the lighting housing, but in the past I've had remote-control operated fans where it's been as simple as a sequence of clicks. Here's a video that Hunter Fans posted to YouTube -

It's October 10, 2023, and it's 59 degrees at noontime, tonight we dip into the 40's, and I'll be ready.

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