The Ridgefield Police Department is asking residents to look out for an unemployment scam.

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The Ridgefield Police Department posted a warning to their Facebook page on Monday (7/24/23) that read:

The CT Department of Labor is warning employers and residents of an uptick in unemployment benefits fraud due to identity theft.
If you didn't file a claim for unemployment benefits and you receive a request for information about an unemployment claim in your name, you may be a victim of ID theft.
CT Dol's Fraud Watch webpage has comprehensive information on preventing, reporting, and recovering from fraud and identity theft. Additionally, information for employers is found on the ReEmployCT employer page. Click the link for assistance English and in Spanish:
Accompanying the post was an example of what the fraudulent texts may look like, this is the graphic.
Ridgefield Police
Ridgefield Police

I read about this last week in a WTNH report. The article says CT's Department of Labor has seen a dramatic uptick in unemployment claims and they believe that 75% of them are fraudulent.

Tero Vesalainen
Tero Vesalainen

OK, from here down is my opinion. I want to make that clear because I am writing while angry.

These scammers will only cause the rest of us more grief. God forbid you or I lose our job, we're going to have to jump through so many more hoops to get unemployment to feed our families because these clowns refuse to earn an honest living.

There was a time when people felt ashamed for doing the wrong thing and now criminals are applauded. People are getting fired from their jobs for trying to STOP thieves from stealing from stores. This is the message that is being sent, the bad guy gets no resistance and the person trying to stop them is fired.

We've devalued real work, real jobs and made them ugly or lesser than. People laugh at folks for working at a fast food drive-thru or being a janitor but there is nothing remotely funny about hard work. People who take the jobs, others don't want should be admired. They should be applauded for earning their money, instead of stealing it from someone else.

It's gone beyond people cutting corners, we are letting people get away with whatever they want in the name of avoiding work. We need to stop playing games and call these thieves what they are, lazy and useless. In my opinion, there are few things worse than a lazy person, they drain society in every way possible and this is just one example.

The way we're going, good honest people are going to throw their hands up and join in on the mayhem. Why would people continue to bust their ass and get laughed at, when the criminals get a free pass and a high five?

I'm not a huge fan of the state government, "the man" but they're not the ones who will pay for these deeds, you and I will. Whenever some scumbag steals from the group it's the decent people that pay the bill. OK, there you go. I wish I could have avoided saying all of that but it wasn't going to be possible.

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