I'm taking a walk with my boys through the neighborhood yesterday and I see this sign planted in a hunk of dirt in one of my neighbors yards. My first gut reaction was, BRILLIANT! You have an undesirable lump of dirt in your yard,have someone else move it who needs it. People need dirt, I am certain that is a thing.

Then, I thought a little deeper on the matter. First, the dirt is set way back in their yard. Second, the dirt has grass growing out of it and rock debris in it. So you are not only going to have a hard time finding a market for your dirt but they have to drive their truck on your lawn to get it.

UPON EVEN FURTHER REVIEW, I realized that the real problem is when someone does come to get your dirt pile. If you don't talk to them, which is impossible they will be in your yard for a minimum of twenty minutes. Assuming you do chat up the stranger in your yard, now it's 40 minutes to an hour.

I'm not down with strangers in my yard or conversations so this approach is not for me. I will say there is a little river of brilliance in this. Just delegate work by giving stuff away. Bravo or Brava. So to answer my own question it's not the worst or the best idea.


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