I play a dumb, stupid waste of time game on my phone. That game has it's own currency that I can earn through wasting hours and hours. You can also get out your credit card and just buy this digital money with real actual hard earned dollars.

Now I am proud to say I have never bought any of this "funny money." That's mostly because my wife does not allow me access to the money, but whatever.

What I am really wondering is this -- is there a secondary black market on some of these games where players can exchange this money for actual cash, goods, services or naked lady favors?

I'm not going to lose sleep over this curiosity. The reason I am wondering aloud is because as long as there has been money and products of value there have been illicit back alley workarounds. Someone is ALWAYS gaming the system. Where do I go to find out? Is it this "dark web" I keep hearing about? I sure hope not, I'll never get in there. I can't even remember my own logins some days. When that happens, I just say "I'm locked out of my office, I'm going home."

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