It's outrageously expensive and a wonder to look at, so when can I drive my car across this new megastructure?

I am simply mesmerized by the new Tappan Zee Bridge and if you've ever driven over the three mile span during the new bridge's construction you would understand what I'm talking about. It's been officially named, the Mario M. Cuomo Bridge and it's slowly but surely nearing completion. Bridge officials say that an August opening is likely. Take a look at this spectacular structure!

The Journal News published an article back in June featuring some interesting tidbits about the new Tappan Zee. Some people have been spreading rumors that the bridge is on the brink of actually falling down which is not true. The original Tappan Zee was opened in December of 1955 and had an expected lifespan of 50 years. In 2005, the New York State Department of Transportation deemed the bridge "sufficiently obsolete" but still drive-able.


  1. The original bridge was named for the American Indian tribe from the area called, Tappan and zee, the dutch word for sea.
  2. The Tappan Zee is the longest bridge in the state at 16,013 feet or 3.03 miles.
  3. 138,000 vehicles a day cross the bridge.
  4. The History Channel featured the Tappan Zee in 2009 as part of their 'The Crumbling of America' series.
  5. From 1998 to 2008, 25 people have plunged to their death from the bridge.
  6. The old bridge will eventually be dismantled piece by piece and then taken away by barge.
  7. The new bridge will contain eight 419 foot towers which will rise from the Hudson River.
  8. LED lights will be attached to each of the bridge's piers making it possible for the piers to change colors for special events.
  9. Talk about the new bridge began in 1999 and cost the state $88 million over the next 11 years just for the discussions.

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