The Tappan Zee Bridge measured from tip to tip is 3.1 miles long and is the longest bridge in the state of New York. So, when will the new bridge be ready?

According to a New York Times article, the new Tappan Zee is scheduled to fully open in April of 2018, but the bridge is actually capable of being driven across months ahead of schedule.

If you've been wondering how much this engineering marvel will cost when it's finished, how does $3.98 billion sound? Here's the lowdown from CBS New York:

The new bridge will have eight lanes with four in each direction, and will also have space available for disabled and emergency vehicle along with rapid transit. Yes, there will be special paths for bicycles and pedestrians.

David Capobianco, the project manager for the new bridge told the New York Times back in January of 2014:

All other projects I've worked on are dwarfed by this - the size of the equipment involved, the enormity of what we're doing, the number of people involved.

When the new Tappan Zee opens in April of 2018, the old bridge will be dismantled very carefully by using the I Lift NY Super Crane, which was brought in from California.

One Of World's Largest Floating Cranes In Place As Tappan Zee Bridge Gets Replaced
'I Lift NY Super Crane' -
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If you're as fascinated by this colossal structure as I am, you can check for updates on the new bridge along with the phenomenal bridge photography by clicking on The New NY Bridge Project. Governor Andrew Cuomo, who set the bridge project in motion, told the New York Times in a recent article:

It's a physical manifestation of New York's spirit of possibility.

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