Great news, you can now liven up your next Zoom session with various live farm animals.

Business Insider has reported that for less than $100, the animal sanctuary, Sweet Farm will arrange to have a llama, goat, or other farm animal join your Zoom get together or business meeting. The service is called 'Goat 2 Meeting,' and so far, they've received over 300 requests for animal guest appearances. The money goes right back into the farm to help pay for revenue it has lost because of the Coronavirus lockdown.


If animals aren't your thing but you're still interested in customizing your background during a Zoom session, it's simple to do and you can download one of your own photos depending upon what type of mood or environment you're trying to project. The first thing to do is create your personal Zoom account by clicking on The following YouTube video provides an ideal tutorial on how to maneuver through the sign on process.


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