According to Disney has sent out messages to movie theaters showing "Incredibles 2" instructing them to post warnings about a sequence in the movie that could make people ill. There is a strobe effect in the movie that can be an epileptic trigger according to the story.

Some viewers took to social media to share their experiences. People have complained of becoming nauseous, getting headaches and even fainting. People with light sensitivity should carefully consider whether they want to see this movie. It could potentially cause a seizure.

Now if a movie gives you a headache, makes you faint or gives you a seizure, I'm gonna say it's not a good movie. I'm sure it's a fine film, I know I enjoyed the first one but if I have even the slightest hint that it MIGHT give me a seizure, I gotta say two thumbs down without even watching it.

I'm against movies that cause seizures, just saying. No one has said anything about the trailer causing illness so have at it.

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