Have you noticed that you're never far from a Dunkin' anywhere in Connecticut? It's true, we do run on them. Locally-owned coffee shops, Starbucks, and Aroma Joe's are trying to chip away, but Connecticut is completely owned by Dunkin', especially these 5 cities.

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Which city in Connecticut has the most Dunkin's? My guess was Waterbury, but I was wrong. According to Dunkindonuts.com, there are 478 Dunkin's in all of Connecticut. If you live along the major highways of Connecticut - 84/95/91/8, or 15, you have multiple locations near you. The highest concentrations? Hartford, New Haven, and Fairfield Counties. Here's the specific towns -

In All of Connecticut, These 5 Cities Have The Most Dunkin's

On my 40 minute commute to work, I pass 7 Dunkin's. I guessed that New Milford had the most Dunkin' locations in all of Connecticut, but I was wrong. Dunkin' has 478 locations across Connecticut, here are the Top 5 cities in Connecticut with the most Dunkin' locations.

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How does Connecticut rank nationally among states with the most Dunkin' locations? Way better than Utah and Wyoming, who only have 1 each. The state with the most Dunkin's in the US? New York, with almost 3 times as many Dunkin' locations as Connecticut - 1,420.

A Last Look Inside Waterbury's The Grotto & Mrs. G's

The Grotto Restaurant & Mrs. G's Gift Baskets at 634 Watertown Avenue in Waterbury is disappearing into our memories. I just stopped by and met the new owner of the building, and he graciously let me walk around and take a few last photos before the rebuilding process really begins.

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Excellent Connecticut Restaurants Ideal for Fall Dining

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