If you guessed something to do with spelling and grammar, you are wrong. We cannot be friends.

If you answered that it took longer to create the sign than it would have to put the chair in the dumpster, you are correct and we can be friends.

This building has a long and storied history with home made signs created impulsively to make for a better work experience. I have been here chronicling this history for years. I like to get into the mind of the sign maker and learn about them through their message.

This person's message, I believe from my years of experience studying this phenomenon, is that they would like to see this chair thrown out, but they just are not willing to do it themselves. You have to respect their game. They are all-in on the purging of garbage as long as someone else hauls it.

Time to take action:

P.S. I found out who wrote the sign and she is a very nice lady and did not deserve to be beat up in this blog. She just did not want anyone to sit down and get hurt.

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