We continue our online re-creation of our i95-Stock concerts with a blistering set from Rush. The Canadian power trio stopped touring after their R40 Live tour in 2015, and drummer/ lyricist Neil Peart passed away from brain cancer in January. For 25 fantastic minutes, however, we rocked out with five of their greatest songs performed live.

Our set kicked off with "The Spirit of Radio."

From there, it was right into "Freewill."

We jumped forward a couple of years for "Subdivisions." (How awesome is it that Geddy is wearing a Rush t-shirt in this clip? You don't see bands wearing their own stuff that often.)

"Tom Sawyer" was next in our i95-Stock set.

And we went to the "A Show of Hands" album for a great version of "Closer to the Heart" to finish things up.

The i95-Stock merch table is still open! You can download your commemorative tickets and posters, and even grab an i95-Stock T-shirt to prove you were there at The Greatest Concert That Never Happened. a portion of the proceeds from every t-shirt sold goes to our friends at the Hillside Food Outreach.

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