We still get a warm and fuzzy feeling as we look back at all the great live performances we aired during our i95-Stock fantasy concert. Here's Aerosmith's set.

Steven Tyler and the boys hit "hahd" as they say in Boston, coming out of the chute with "Love In An Elevator."

Next up was a slammin' "Same Old Song And Dance."

"Last Child" was next in the set.

You can't have an Aerosmith set without "Dream On," so that was next. here's a killer version from Woodstock '94. Side note, I saw them a couple of nights before at the New Haven Coliseum. They hadn't played in awhile and wanted a warmup gig before heading to Woodstock, so they rocked the Coliseum on just a couple days' notice to get ready for the big show.

And a nice extended jam on "Sweet Emotion" closed things out for the Bad Boys From Boston.

The i95-Stock merch table is still open! You can download your commemorative tickets and posters, and even grab an i95-Stock T-shirt to prove you were there at The Greatest Concert That Never Happened. A portion of the proceeds from every t-shirt sold goes to our friends at the Hillside Food Outreach.

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Iconic Images of Every i95stock Performer


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