Lou's phone

I take part in several Yankee fan group texts during playoff games. The phone started buzzing before the game last night and I was not having it. I did not have a good feeling going into last night's ALDS game versus the Red Sox, and knew I needed an out. My Dad, My Uncle and my brother in law started it up and I shut it down.

Lou's phone

It's one of my better texts. It got me out of talking about a miserable game and reading swear words I was already saying. The group text is a barrel of laughs when your team is winning. When you are losing, the texts just let you know that you are not seeing things and your team is playing terrible baseball.

Now I just need to decide what I am going to do with this amazing text. Is it the foundation for a Rock and Roll album I will write? Will it be a book? Perhaps a feature film? Who is to say? What I do know is that it does not end here, it's the glorious beginning of Earth shattering art.

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