My text message exchange with Mayor Mark Boughton following his recent health scare pretty much sums up dude relationships in just a few simple words. You see, dudes get uncomfortable when life happens, because we know we MAY have to express concern. We don't like expressions or concern.

I consider Mark a friend. So when I heard that he had a medical issue last week, I got nervous that I was going to have to see how he was doing. After putting it off for a few days, my wife insisted I send a message expressing concern, so I did the best I could. If you left your "readers" at home and cannot see the small text in the photo this is how it went word for word:

Lou's phone
Lou's phone

Lou - "I hope you are OK. I heard you had a thing. All the best man lemme know if you need anything." 

Mark - "Thanks. It was a thing. I'm OK." 

That's all dudes AKA walking ding-a-lings are capable of in these situations. I did my best. It is good to hear he is alright, though.

You don't care about any of what I just said though, do you? You just want to know what was said in the redacted portion of our text thread. I would have left it in, but it was the physical location of our secret Illuminati meeting. Can't do it.

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