Here is a photo of tracks I found in my backyard. This is what I know, these tracks were made at night, Tuesday night to be exact. No one from my family was in the backyard at all that night or early in the morning.

I do have vermin visits from time to time but even the amateur eye can tell that something pretty big made these markings. What's also pretty interesting is the weaving pattern. It looks like something big was circling around or zig-zagging in the yard doing some sniffing.

I'm no pro tracker, in fact I have never hunted a day in my life but something is up here and I need to know what. Is this Chupacabra? Bigfoot? It's either one of God's larger creatures is interested in something in my yard or something other worldly is running around Danbury. Look at this photo where I zoomed out a bit and tell me what you notice first, other than the fact I need to mow the lawn.

Lou's phone
Lou's phone

You will notice there are no tracks leading to the patch in the middle. This indicates to me whatever this thing was, it could fly. The square patch in the middle is new grass where I pulled up a deck a few weeks ago. Why is this flying, mystery beast only interested in the new grass.

I have so many questions....HELP! What is hunting me?

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