We, here at i95, are anti-scam.

We hate to see people who earned their money have it taken by robbers AKA thieves AKA losers. So, we are here to get you hip to the latest scam. The iTeam, here at i95, AKA me, wants to inform you that there is a super legit looking Netflix scam that is burning subscribers all across the country.

According to the News Times, there are e-mails going around to Netflix subscribers that you should not click. The subject line reads: "Your Suspension Notification."

If you click that, it takes you to another batch of legit looking lies and on and on down the rabbit hole you go, until they steal your hard earned dollars.

To avoid further scams in the future, don't click anything ever again (except for anything that links to i95rock.com). If you are not being contacted by someone at work, a friend, or a family member, you are being contacted by someone who wants to steal from you in one way or another. It's bad. It's a bad world. Stay safe, trust no one, click nothing.

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