On February 19, 2022, our son, Matt, lost his wife, Kelly, after a two-year-long battle with cancer. The outpouring of love and kindness from friends, family, and I95 listeners who have been following our sad journey has been unbelievable.

Kelly Wilson
Kelly Wilson

I have always been a firm believer that when a loved one leaves this world, their soul is transported to an unimaginable paradise where there's only peace and no pain.

I also believe that when our loved ones pass over, they are watching over us and every once in a while, send us subtle signs to let us know they are in a much better place and look forward to reuniting with us all when our time comes.

I was curious to find out how many of you believe that loved ones who have passed on are trying to let us know they're watching over us. Thank you for responding to my question. Here's how you responded.

Sherri F. - "Yes, absolutely! My dad leaves us dimes. Whenever we ask for a sign, we will find a dime."

Sherry W. - Yes, my dad bust through with music. His fave was Smokey Robinson; I'll put something on a jukebox, Pandora whatever, and it' swaps to Smokey.

Liz M. - Yes. My dad leaves dimes in the strangest places. And a dear friend often visits in dreams. Just as vibrant as she was in life...

Claudio Di. - No, I stress enough in this life. Why would I want to continue to stress in the afterlife? I put my faith in God, who is always watching over me; it doesn't mean that bad things don't happen, just means I know how to deal with it as it comes.

Kerry M. - Absolutely! After Mommom passed & I was in emotional agony, I took a walk along a hot, dry hillside. I had to shelter under a grove of White Pine & cool off a bit. I looked up through the branches & the beautiful, intricate design they made against the sky, & a slight breeze finally came for a second. I said, "how beautiful, is that you, mom?" The entire grove went crazy with the wind blowing the Pines back & forth for about a full minute before it stopped as abruptly as it had started. I love White Pine! Miss you every day, mama. 🕊️

Betty-Ann S. -I like to think it's Mom when I see the rays of the sun shoot down through the clouds.

Cecilia R. - Well, no signs that I can understand, but I feel very much a sense of peace knowing the large # of angels are watching over my family.

Judith D. - My little bowl of found dimes has grown significantly over the years since MomMom died in 2003. Thank-you Mom.

There are several signs that your deceased loved one might be trying to send you according to an article in the Southside Times out of  Indianapolis, Indiana. 

Liz M. - Yes. My dad leaves dimes in the strangest places. And a dear friend often visits in dreams. Just as vibrant as she was in life

Paul D. - All these people believe in well-meaning nonsense and yet often doubt climate change and the science of vaccinations. We are doomed.

Julie P. - I have no doubt and it gives me such comfort to know my family surrounds me.

Bennie J. - Yes, I talk to a friend if I see/hear something we would laugh or text about, and if I'm driving and some crazy person cuts me off I feel family and friends are watching out for me.

Lena D. - Yes feathers from my husband are always by my garage.

Camille D. - No. We see what we want to see.

I will leave you with an article written by Spirit medium and Reiki Master, Karen T. Hluchan titled, "Can Loved Ones in Spirit See Us From Heaven?"

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