The date was May 8, 2020, Ethan Carey and I were in the middle of the Ethan and Lou Morning Show was some tech issues arose. Our sister station had gone off the air and the stations "off-air" alarm started it's alerts. The alerts are loud and disruptive and our friends down the hall already knew they were off the air and were working the problem.

The solution to stop this noise was for me to do something I do at least once a year, to pull the fuses out of the off air alarms. I do this on 9/11 every year so we can observe a moment of silence, I know to what to do and not do and it's usually a routine affair. There turned out to be nothing routine about it.

I was hit with the most jarring electric shock of my life, my lips actually went numb and the shock was strong enough to short out all of our electronics in the studio and take I-95 off the air. After some time went by I realized I'd be OK and our Engineers got both radio stations back on the air in a hurry.

After I was blasted with 121 gigawatts, I went on Facebook live to explain all that had happened to our audience and watching that day was a regular Facebook contributor that goes by Ed Covert. Ed had this to say on the matter.


Thank you Ed, it did make me smile and it's obviously a joke but it raises interesting questions. Someone is keeping secrets about Dudleytown in Cornwall, CT and what lengths will they go to silence me? I don't think they would rig a radio studio board to electrocute me half to death, I'm not saying that at all. People have been asking questions and alleging Dudleytown is haunted for 50 years and yet the truth has never made it's way out.

If you are not familiar with Dudleytown here are some things to know: 

  • It's an abandoned chunk of land inside the Town of Cornwall, CT.
  • Dudleytown is suspected to be haunted.
  • I've been writing articles and investigating whose behind the secrets of Dudleytown since 2013.
  • No one is permitted to go there and the folks of Cornwall and the Police Department are quick to remind people of that.
  • Dudleytown is sometimes referred to as "The Village of the Damned."

If you need more I've written plenty about it and have more articles coming soon.

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