Colin Mochrie from 'Whose Line is it Anyway' is bringing his two-man improv comedy show "Asking for Trouble" to the Warner Theater in Torrington tonight (5/16/24). We got a chance to chat with Colin on the Thursday (5/16/24) edition of the I-95 Morning Show.

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We found out how Colin overcame being a shy kid, which cast member he'd save if they were all on fire and what to do with Wayne Brady when he is being intense.

Lou: Whose Line is it Anyway was a smash success for the four of you and for ABC, it really made you guys household names, as a group did you all have any expectations headed into that project? 

Colin: "No, nothing at all. I'm still shocked it actually got on the air. I don't even know what the pitch was. I mean there are four guys who don't have a show, they finish taping I mean, how does that become a TV show? So, I mean obviously we're all really thankful because the show gave us all careers. So, we were all totally surprised it worked." 

Dave: Colin, you have had an incredible career in improv, how the hell have you done this for so long? 

Colin: "Drinking the blood of virgins I guess, that has helped a little bit. Part of it is, you just get excited because every show is different. Every show is for that audience, no one will ever see that again. So, you don't get dragged down by doing your greatest hits every show, it keeps it fresh and I try and work with as many different people as I can so it keeps me fresh and on top of things so I can't complain."

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Lou: We interviewed your castmate Wayne Brady once and I was surprised to learn what an intense guy he is. 

Colin: "Yeah, he is. He's very relaxed around me because I know exactly what to do with him. You just tickle his bum a little, he giggles like a girl and everything is fine." 

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You can listen to our complete interview with Colin Mochrie below. We also spoke about Colin's shyness growing up, what his favorite rock bands are and the depths of his Canadian rock knowledge. The most important thing we covered was a nightmare scenario. I asked Colin if his former castmates were on fire and he could only save one, who would it be? The answer may surprise you.

Tonight's show is called "Asking for Trouble" with Colin Mochrie and Brad Sherwood. The show begins at 7:30 pm and you can get your tickets on the Warner Theater website.

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