Ever since the ground breaking, 2013 release of the feature film "Sharknado" people have been wondering if it's possible. Could sharks rain from the sky? Now, every time a real hurricane happens, the internet is rich with rumors that a "Sharknado" is coming. Ahead of the arrival of Hurricane Florence off the Carolina coast, the internet was back at it.

We can't just guess, so I did some digging. Back in 2013, the NY Post published an article on whether a shark tornado was possible. They quoted a climatologist from California Institute of Technology named Bill Patzert. Bill had this to say:

“It’s a scientific fact that we are living in a warmer world. And it will continue to increase and accelerate as more carbon enters the atmosphere, “As the world’s oceans warm, some speculate hurricanes will be become more intense — larger and stronger — which would give them more lift for a Sharknado-type storm." 

BUT a NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) spokesperson told Metro that as far as this storm is concerned, it's not a worry. They had this to say:

"Hurricane Florence is a dangerous storm that is a threat to parts of the East Coast. Residents should be tracking factual information from NOAA's National Weather Service at weather.gov and hurricanes.gov. Unlike in the science fiction movies, flying sharks are not one of the hazards with any hurricane."

So no worries, sharks will not be flying in the sky anytime soon BUT they could one day. This begs the question, do I want to live to see it? The intelligent answer is, of course not, this would be dangerous and scary. For it to even be a possibility global warming would have to get much, much worse and we would be living with other terrible side effects that I don't even want to consider.

There is however another side of me that says, YES, of course I wanna see sharks raining from the sky, that would be amazing. I like fun, I like excitement and I cannot imagine a more exciting day than dodging friggin' hammerhead sharks while running down Main Street, Danbury.


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