A local lacrosse coach will now have to sit out a full year after getting ejected from the Class B State Championship game at Middletown High School in early June. LoHud reports Yorktown coach Dave Marr will not be allowed to coach the Huskers next year.

Marr became agitated with around 3 minutes left to play. Things quickly escalated resulting in his expulsion from the game and field. On his way out, he kicked buckets containing Gatorade and even broke a parabolic microphone owned by Time Warner Cable.

Photo Credit: Steven Frankenberry
Photo Credit: Steven Frankenberry

Had this been Marr's first offense, his penalty may have been more lenient but he's apparently known for his fiery temper on the sideline. He was an All-American at Johns Hopkins and has won two state titles but his attitude was his downfall.

High school coaches work on year-to-year deals, and after a meeting with officials, will be allowed to re-apply for the job in 2017. It's expected assistant coach Sean Carney will assume head coach duties.

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