How's Florida handling COVID-19? Not great, unless you think assault, urinating in strangers homes and encouraging handshakes are awesome. Florida became the focus of the Ethan & Lou Morning Show feature "Missed Headlines" on Wednesday (3/18/20). If you know anything about this feature, you know it's not good for your state to be mentioned at all but when you have all three stories, you are not living your best life.

No, seriously keep moving there because the weather is warm. You will almost never be cold, I can guarantee this but it may come with a few side effects. That's Florida in a nutshell, it's the hot new pharma product advertised on TV. Floridux will reduce the chills for most patients, side effects include: being attacked by meth heads, strangers punching your neck for helping them, natural disasters on a weekly basis for three months, dinosaurs live there, bug attacks that can bring down a horse, fever, swelling, itching, everything looks the same & good luck getting a sandwich in under three hours.

Florida, you say!?


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