On Monday (7/1/24) the Manchester, Connecticut Hooters location announced it would be closing its doors after almost 20 years. The announcement was made on the Manchester Hooters Facebook page and read:

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"After nearly two decades of hot wings, cold beer, and great memories Hooters of Manchester has made the difficult decision to close its doors. Thank you for the many years of patronage and loyalty. We encourage you to visit your favorite Hooters Girl at Hooters of Wethersfield or Hooters of West Springfield!"

NBC CT says:

This leaves the Wethersfield location as the only Hooters restaurant currently open in the state of Connecticut.

This comes on the heels of an NBC News (National) report from June 24th that stated:

Hooters said Monday that it's closing "a select" number of underperforming restaurants, the latest casual dining chain to announce shutdowns amid broader industry woes. Hooters said that it was "under pressure from current market conditions," but added that new restaurants continued to open domestically and internationally. It did not respond to an inquiry about the exact number of locations affected.

 This may come as a surprise to some of my readers but I've never been a fan of Hooters. I used to like meeting pretty ladies as much as the next guy but not while I house chicken wings and other fried delights. Women don't want to hang with a dude they met with hot sauce on his pants and blue cheese in the corner of his mouth.

I never got the allure, the guys that went to Hooters to meet women are the same ones that go to a gentlemen's club and think the dancers are in love with them.

Grand Opening Of Hooters Hotel In Las Vegas
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There is one person having a good time in that photo and it's not her.

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