I hope that trivia-buzzsaw Amy Schneider makes it to 34 wins in a row on Jeopardy, because then, in her possible 35th game, she's going to have to battle wits with someone who has studied under the watchful eye of Tim McDonald, grown under the wings of Sister Denise, and honed her early trivia skills in the hollowed halls of Holy Cross High School on Oronoke Road in Waterbury.

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I saw a couple of social media posts this morning about the exciting news that Taryn Agati, a Law librarian at the Litchfield Judicial Courthouse in Torrington, and fellow alumni of Holy Cross ('05, I was '87), will appear on this upcoming Tuesday's edition (January 18, 2022) of Jeopardy!

I've been watching Schneider's incredible run every evening, as of me writing this, Schneider sits at 32 consecutive wins, with an insane $1.1 million dollars in winnings, she's just tied for third place in most consecutive Jeopardy! wins of all time.

But, has Schneider served as a Judge for the Literacy Volunteers Of Greater Waterbury's Scrabble Challenges? I think not, but Taryn Agati has. According to Waterbury Reads, Agati also attended elementary schools in Watertown, received her Bachelor's from Fordham, and her Law Degree from Drexel.

Schneider has faced some tough opposition along the way, and just recently robbed at gunpoint in Oakland, California over New year's weekend.

I can't wait to watch tonight and Monday to see if Schneider makes it through with wins 33 and 34. It's going to be tough, it seems she knows every answer, and does not miss. I'm joining in on the chorus of "Good luck Taryn Agati!" I hope you win.

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